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Encampment Photo Encampment Photo

Our online store only has some of the years available. Please indicate the year & the increment you need. However, you can purchase other years directly from our photographer as far back as 1993.

Wood Picture Frames (11x30) are available for $65 (includes shipping, handling & tax) by contacting "YARY Photography" at (800) 874-9200.

If your year is not one of the options below you can contact "YARY Photography" at (800) 874-9200.
Year's 2000-2014: $40 (includes shipping, handling & tax)
Year's 1993-1999: $55 (includes shipping, handling & tax)

Our Price: $25.00
Encampment DVD Encampment DVD

Each summer we document both increments of our summer program and provide a DVD for purchase. Please choose the year & increment.

Our Price: $40.00